Tax Rate in Ireland for Foreigners

Foreigner tax rates in Ireland can change based on your income, residency status, and unique circumstances. Because of Ireland’s progressive tax structure, a larger portion of your income will be taken out as taxes the more you make. Foreign nationals may pay taxes on the following items:

Tax Rate in Ireland for Foreigners

  1. Income Tax:
    • For individuals, the standard rate of income tax was 20% on income up to a certain threshold, and the higher rate was 40% on income above that threshold. The exact thresholds can change from year to year, so it’s essential to check the most recent rates.
  2. Universal Social Charge (USC):
    • The USC is a tax on income and is calculated based on your total income. It ranges from 0.5% to 8%, depending on your income level. There are specific exemptions and reductions for certain groups.
  3. Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI):
    • PRSI is another tax on income, which helps fund social insurance benefits in Ireland. The rate you pay depends on your income and employment status.
  4. Capital Gains Tax:
    • Capital gains, such as profits from selling assets like property or investments, are subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). The rate for non-residents was 33%, but rates can change.
  5. Value Added Tax (VAT):
    • The standard VAT rate in Ireland was 23%. However, there are reduced rates (e.g., 13.5% for certain services and 9% for tourism-related services) and exemptions. You can estimate your revenue and VAT with the help of Ireland VAT Tool.
  6. Residency Status:
    • Your tax liability can also be influenced by your residency status. If you are considered a tax resident in Ireland, you will be subject to Irish tax on your worldwide income. Non-residents may have different tax obligations.

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