How To Check If A Company Is VAT Registered In Ireland

You can check the VAT registration status of a company in Ireland using the Revenue’s Online Service (ROS). Here’s how you can do it by your own :

Access the ROS System: Go to the Revenue Online Service website ( and log in using your ROS credentials. If you don’t have an account, you might need to register.

VAT Registered Traders: Once logged in, select the “VAT Registered Traders” option. This will allow you to search for VAT registration information for businesses in Ireland.

Search for the Company: You can search for a specific company’s VAT registration information by entering their VAT number or business name. The system will provide you with details about their VAT registration status.

Verification: Make sure to verify the information provided through this service with other sources if necessary, as there could be potential discrepancies or changes that have occurred.

company vat in ireland

Please remember that since then, the procedure and the specific steps may have changed. The most current and accurate information on how to determine whether a firm is registered for VAT in Ireland can be found by visiting the official Revenue Online Service website or by contacting the Irish Revenue directly. And if you want to calculate VAT then check our website. Each business has a unique VAT number. Websites where you may search up and verify the validity of VAT numbers can be found online. The VAT number and the company number are identical in some nations. Every organization is therefore connected to a single number, which reduces the administrative effort. Each invoice has to include an up-to-date VAT number.


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