What Can Farmers Claim VAT Back in Ireland

Farmers in Ireland can claim VAT back on certain expenses related to their farming activities. The particular guidelines and things that qualify for VAT refunds are subject to change, therefore it is very important to get the most recent information from the Irish Revenue or a tax expert to assure correctness. Here are some general categories of expenses that farmers might be able to claim VAT back on. You can also use VAT calculator to understand the farmer rates :

Agricultural Inputs: VAT paid on agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, animal feed, seeds, plants, and certain chemicals may be eligible for reclamation.

Farm Equipment and Machinery: VAT paid on the purchase, repair, or maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment, such as tractors, plows, and harvesters, may be reclaimable.

Farm Buildings and Structures: VAT related to the construction, repair, or maintenance of farm buildings and structures, such as barns or storage facilities, might be eligible for reclamation.

Energy and Fuel: VAT on energy sources used for agricultural purposes, such as heating, lighting, and fuel for machinery, might be reclaimable.

Livestock: VAT paid on the purchase, breeding, or maintenance of livestock may also be eligible for reclamation.

Qualifying Services: Certain services that are directly related to agricultural activities, such as veterinary services or fencing installation, might be eligible for VAT reclaims.

Training and Education: VAT on training programs and educational events related to farming activities could potentially be reclaimed.

Exemptions and Restrictions: Some items might have restrictions or special rules. As an example, personal use may partially exclude some fuel usage. It is important that you understand the particular guidelines that apply to these things. It is also important to note that not all expenses will be eligible for VAT reclamation, and the rules can be complex.


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