The Irish Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Explained

Irish Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

The capital gain (profit) made on the sale of any asset is subject to the Irish Capital Gains Tax (CGT). It is important to be informed about the recent rates and allowances associated with CGT as they can sometimes change. Capital Gains Tax  (CGT) Rates The standard rate of CGT is 33% on disposals of … Read more

Taxation of Rental Income in Ireland

Taxation of Rental Income in Ireland

Understanding the taxation of rental income in Ireland can be a complex endeavor. This guide aims to simplify the landscape, making it more accessible for property owners and potential investors. Overview of Taxation on Rental Income Who is Liable? If you own a property in Ireland and are generating income from it, this income is … Read more

Tax-Advantaged Savings and Investment Accounts in Ireland

Savings and Investment Accounts

Ireland offers a number of tax-advantaged savings and investment accounts to promote specific saving and investment behaviors among its citizens. Here are some of the main tax-advantaged vehicles available: Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs): PRSAs are a type of personal pension scheme that anyone (employed, self-employed, or unemployed) can use to save for retirement. Contributions … Read more

Tax Implications of Remote Work in Ireland

TAX on Remote Work in Ireland

Globally, remote work has become more and more common, and the COVID-19 epidemic has further increased this tendency. Remote employment has brought up a variety of tax-related issues in Ireland, as it has in many other nations, particularly for persons who work for foreign companies or are thinking about leaving Ireland while still employed by … Read more

Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies in Ireland

Investment Strategies in Ireland

Depending on the investor’s situation, the state of the market, and any modifications to the tax code, tax-efficient investment techniques can alter. According to my observations, there are a number of investment tools and methods that are regarded as tax-efficient. Always get advice from a local tax professional or financial planner who is knowledgeable about … Read more

How Much Can You Earn Before Paying Tax in Ireland

How Much Can You Earn Before Paying Tax in Ireland

In Ireland, you can earn up to a certain amount before you are required to pay income tax. This threshold is determined by your individual circumstances, such as your age, marital status, and whether you qualify for any tax credits or reliefs. For a single person under the age of 65 with no additional tax … Read more

Tax Rate in Ireland for Foreigners

Tax Rate in Ireland for Foreigners

Foreigner tax rates in Ireland can change based on your income, residency status, and unique circumstances. Because of Ireland’s progressive tax structure, a larger portion of your income will be taken out as taxes the more you make. Foreign nationals may pay taxes on the following items: More : How to check if company is … Read more

What is the VAT Threshold in Ireland

VAT Threshold in Ireland

The VAT threshold in Ireland was €38,500 for the supply of goods and €78,000 for the supply of services in a rolling 12-month period. This means that if a business’s turnover from taxable supplies of goods exceeds €38,500 in a 12-month period (or if their turnover from taxable supplies of services exceeds €78,000), they are … Read more

What Can Farmers Claim VAT Back in Ireland

Farmers Claim VAT Back in Ireland

Farmers in Ireland can claim VAT back on certain expenses related to their farming activities. The particular guidelines and things that qualify for VAT refunds are subject to change, therefore it is very important to get the most recent information from the Irish Revenue or a tax expert to assure correctness. Here are some general … Read more

Irish Income Tax Calculator 2024

irish calculator

Our Irish income tax calculator website/app would be designed to help individuals estimate the amount of income tax they need to pay based on their income, tax credits, and other relevant factors. Here are some features and considerations included in our website : You may choose to use cross-platform frameworks or design the website or … Read more